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Terms & Conditions

Full details of our Buyers Agency Agreement can be found on each individual Agency Agreement at the time a Property Enquiry is submitted, however below is a summary in "lay speak" of our Terms & Conditions:
  • All clients agree to sign our Buyer's Agency Agreement (Agency Agreement) before full details of the property are revealed, and you are introduced to the Agent or Deal Finder (as appropriate) representing the property.
  • An introduction or "Finders Fee" applies for every property, and you are agreeing to be bound by this fee paid to Development Sites Australia Pty Ltd if you purchase the property in either your personal name, or any entity or Joint Venture entity that you are representing.
  • The "Finders Fee" will vary for each property based on the merits of the deal.
  • The "Finders Fee" is fully disclosed on both the property overview page, as well as the Agency Agreement page.
  • The "Finders Fee" becomes due at the point of the deal going unconditional.
  • You acknowledge that some of the properties listed on Development Sites Australia are "On Market" meaning that they may be publicly advertised elsewhere.
  • Development Sites Australia work for you as the buyer and do not represent the seller.
  • This is an open listing, so you are free to use other buyer's agents to find other deals.
  • We take all care to ensure that the information provided is accurate however we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by third parties or third party software and information providers.
  • By accepting this you agree to undertake your own due diligence and inquiries to satisfy yourself of the viability of the project to purchase.
  • As a client, you agree to act with integrity and good faith and abide by the Terms and Conditions within the Agency Agreement.
  • No part of the information shared in the Development Sites Australia pages, including due diligence materials shall be copied or shared with others.
  • Failure to act in good faith and honesty will result in your access to Development Sites Australia being cancelled.
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